January 31, 2011

Update: Town of Chapel Hill Will Involve UNC Ombuds in Creating New Office

The Daily Tar Heel is reporting that the Town of Chapel Hill will work with Wayne Blair to establish a new Ombuds Office for municipal employees. Blair moved to Chapel Hill in 2005 when he was hired to create an Ombuds Program for the University of North Carolina. Town council members have also asked Blair for help in recruiting and training an Ombuds. Blair said the search would be national. (Daily Tar Heel.)

1 comment:

  1. I read a lot of half-baked proposals for Ombuds programs and the conflicting descriptions of the Chapel Hill program might be a sign of trouble under different circumstances. In this case, the town could have no better advisor and role model than Wayne Blair. This single factor is sufficient basis to be very optimistic about the outcome.