January 20, 2011

Northern Illinois Ombuds Gives Input on Student Grievance Procedure

This week, the NIU Faculty Senate heard from campus stakeholders on the student grievance procedure and a proposed change in grading policy. NIU Ombudsman Tim Griffin was among those who addressed the senate.

According to the campus newspaper:
Ombudsman Tim Griffin said a student has no ability to appeal beyond the department chair about their problem.  [¶]  "The frequency of students having these problems was low enough that making a committee would not be too costly," Griffin said. "The number [of student grievances] are about six to 10 times a year."
Although the outcome of the current discussion is not clear, Faculty Senate President Alan Rosenbaum reiterated that the NIU Office of the Ombudsman would continue to be a resource for grievants. (Northern Star.)

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