January 13, 2011

FCO and IOI Discuss Potential Collaboration on Ombuds Training

Earlier this month, Suzanne Belson and Steve Olive, visited the International Ombudsman Institute's General Secretariat, Secretary Peter Kostelka. Belson was one of the founding members of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman and Olive is the current FCO administrator. Kostelka and his guests said that they see great potential for cooperation between the two organizations, especially in the area of training. According to the IOI website, "It is envisaged that the FCO and the I.O.I. will exchange ideas on training concepts and programmes on a regular basis." (IOI News.)

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like it would be an excellent paring of resources. Both organizations are dedicated to the concept of having ombudsman functions that are organizationally separate from the entities they are empowered to investigate