January 12, 2011

Job Posting: Halliburton

The Halliburton Dispute Resolution Program is expanding and will be hiring an additional full-time Ombuds. The position reports directly to the Dispute Resolution Program Plan Administrator and provides conflict resolution services to employees and those doing business with the company.

Applicants should have at least an undergraduate degree, however equivalent field experience will be taken into account. In addition, a minimum of two consecutive years of practical experience is required. Experience working with people of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures is also desired. Bilingual persons strongly urged to apply. No closing date or salary indicated. Although it has a very low public profile, The Halliburton Dispute Resolution Program has been a strong supporter of Organizational Ombuds, especially those in corporate settings. (Halliburton Careers, requisition no. 00177492.)


  1. Location probably in Houston.

  2. Low public profile?

    What other like programs have multiple Harvard Negotiation Journal articles examining the process and design of the program?

    Who else is presenting at IOA this year on the value return of the program?

    Just curious...which programs have a "High" public profile?

  3. John-
    All true and the characterization was certainly not intended as a criticism, especially of any individual at Halliburton. Instead, it reflected the lack of public information about the Halliburton Dispute Resolution Program itself. Some ombuds offices put annual reports, staff profiles, videos, etc., on the internet. As far as I can tell, Halliburton does not. Of course, many corporate ombuds restrict such information to employee intranets, so this is not unusual. Job seekers hoping to do basic background research, however, will be frustrated.