September 09, 2011

Longtime Ombuds at The Citadel Retires

John S. Carter, who founded the Ombuds program at The Military College of South Carolina in 1997, retired earlier this summer. In addition to his service as Ombudsperson, Col. Carter was a professor and head of the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Science, administrator, faculty advisor, and building supervisor. In May of this year, he was named as the top undergraduate educator at the Citadel for the second time.

Carter is well known for his work with IOA and its predecessor, TOA. He chaired the conference committee since IOA was founded in 2005 and served two terms on the IOA Board of Directors. In 2002, he co-authored with Mary Rowe, "Results of the 2001 Organizational Ombudsman Survey" and earlier this year, he wrote, "Then and Now: Interviews with Expert U.S. Organizational Ombudsmen" with Samantha Levine-Finley. Carter is not actually retired, he is now working as the Associate Director of Athletics at Caltech. Maj. Robert Pickering and Maj. Elizabeth Connor continue as The Citadel Ombuds. (Citadel Ombuds; Citadel News Service; Caltech Athletics.)

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