September 23, 2011

University of South Carolina Ombuds Reviews First Five Years

In his fifth annual report, University Ombudsperson Jim Augustine, looks back on the cases he has handled since establishing the Ombuds program at USC in 2006. In that time, the office has emerged as an important resource for faculty with concerns about evaluative and peer relationships and career issues.

Augustine's analysis of his caseload may be of interest to other faculty Ombuds:
I have done an informal survey of a number of Carnegie Foundation Tier I institutions and the average number of faculty visitors to the ombuds office at those institutions based primarily on annual reports, self-reports or reports in the Ombuds Blog. The number of faculty visitors to the ombuds office at these academic institutions averaged 49 in 2006-2007 (n = 27 schools), 46 in 2007-2008 (n = 31 schools), 43.2 in 2008-2009 (n = 28 schools), 44.5 in 2009-2010 (n = 23 schools), and 41 in 2010-2011 (n = 9 schools to date). That averages out to be about 46 visitors per year at these Carnegie Tier I schools during the past 5 years. Over the past five years the USC ombudsman has assisted some 256 faculty members for an average of 51 visitors per year.

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