September 07, 2011

Who Are the Ombuds at Lecuyer & Associates?

LinkedIn lists eight people working with the title of 'Ombudsperson' at Lecuyer & Associates, Inc. in New York.  This would make it one of the largest employers of Ombuds ... except it appears to be a sham
Here are the alleged Ombuds:
None have any relevant experience or affiliation, nor can they be confirmed as Ombuds through a Google search. Adding to the mystery is that the company, which also doesn't appear to exist, is described differently in each of the LinkedIn profiles.

Maybe Lecuyer is a front. It seems suspicious, but I've been wrong before. Any ideas?


  1. On that note, is anyone else frustrated with Jobs from this company pop up in job searches, and yet have absolutely nothing to do with ombudsmanry.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. When I conducted a search using, I discovered that the site I was directed to was a recruitment site for a private company which hires teachers. I hope this is helpful.

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