September 23, 2011

Marquette University Ombuds Sponsors Whistleblower Program With Chuck Howard

On October 13, Kerry Egdorf, the Marquette University Ombuds and the MULS Dispute Resolution Society will present: "Blowing the Whistle on Whistleblower Laws and Policies," with attorney Chuck Howard. The program will explore how fear of retaliation limits the effectiveness of whistleblower laws and policies.

Topics to be covered will include:
  • What are the basic problems with the way whistleblower laws work?
  • What are the limitations on the effectiveness of other channels such as helplines?
  • Why do employers and employees have such different perceptions about what constitutes retaliation?
  • Why is the fear of retaliation so strong?
  • How can an organizational ombudsman program benefit an organization?

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