February 27, 2012

Interview of DePaul University's Ombuds

Rev. Craig Mousin, has served as the Ombudsperson for faculty and staff at the private university in Chicago for the past 11 years. He is a minister with the United Church of Christ, a lawyer, and a law professor at DePaul. Before becoming an Ombuds, he was the director of the Center for Church-State Studies for the DePaul Law School.

Mousin was interviewed recently by the campus newspaper. 
The DePaulia: Finally, what is the goal of your position here as an ombudsperson? 

Craig Mousin: The overall goal of our office is to resolve conflicts peacefully and to help DePaul fulfill its Vincentian mission. We try to facilitate direct and candid conversations between all members of the university community and attempt to prevent miscommunication. The work being done in this office seems to affect nearly every aspect of the university because they cater to all faculty and staff members. The ombudsperson office is a division of the Office of Mission and Values. 

Mousin published an article in the latest Journal of IOA and will be speaking at the IOA 2012 conference. 

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