February 17, 2012

University of Rochester Medical Center Creates Ombuds Office

The medical campus of the University of Rochester in Upstate New York has appointed Mary Berk as its first Ombudsman. Berk will work with hospital patients, families, and staff in a neutral, confidential, independent and informal role. “Adding an ombudsman for our hospital and ambulatory care clinics is a progressive move,” said Jackie Beckerman, director of UMRC's Office of the Strong Commitment, a service excellence program.  

According to a news report, Berk started in January and has spent significant time working with concerned families of patients. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her husband is the chief executive of University of Rochester Medical Center. (URMC Today; Spinal Cord injury Zone.)


  1. is there an ombudsman for doctor practices owned by the university?

    1. I don't know. It seems like the UMRC Ombuds might know.

  2. The Ombuds is the spouse of the CEO?