February 21, 2012

Journal of International Ombudsman Association Calls for Papers

The peer-reviewed journal for Organizational Ombuds is planning a special issue on the subject of “One-Person Ombudsman Offices,” to be published in October 2012. The issue seeks to identify those elements of one-person practice that characterize the challenges and opportunities faced by solo practitioners. 

Such issues might include: 
  • Managing professional isolation and the specific stresses of working ‘alone’ 
  • Using technology, travel, reading, writing, Skype, etc. to broaden our support networks and our outward reach 
  • The importance of building mentoring relationships with other OOs 
  • Marketing internally, and identifying and managing allies 
  • Keeping up to date and managing the diversity of demands Ombudsmen face 
The editors are also open to other ideas. Contact the Editor David Miller with any concerns. (IOA News.)

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