February 07, 2012

IOA Offers Training Programs at 2012 Conference

The International Ombudsman Association will offer several training programs before its annual conference in Houston on April 15.

Pre-Conference Full Day Courses
  • Conflict Coaching for the Organizational Ombuds with Melissa Brodrick, Ombudsperson, Harvard Medical School/Dental School/School of Public Health 
  • Using Mediation to Deal with Workplace Bullying with Barbara McCulloch, The University of Auckland, New Zealand 
Pre-Conference Half Day Morning Courses
  • Improving the Organization's Conflict Climate with Michael Dues, Professor, University of Arizona, and Sue Theiss, Ombudsman, Oregon State University 
  • Mind-Hack: Ombudsing with the Brain in Mind with Mauricio Ramos, Corporate Ombudsman, Sandia National Labs
Pre-Conference Half Day Afternoon Courses
  • Managing Up: Helping Visitors Improve Relationships with their Supervisors with Nancy Day, Faculty Ombudsperson, University of Missouri, Kansas City, and Doranne Hudson, Associate Teaching Professor & Executive in Residence, University of Missouri, Kansas City 
  • The Culture Bump® Approach: Embracing our Prejudices… An Ombudsman’s Guide to Universal Connections with Carol Archer, Instructor, LCC/University of Houston, Jim Wohl, Ombudsman, Auburn University, and Stacey Nickson, Associate Director, Biggio Center, Auburn University

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