February 14, 2012

Meet the Ombuds for the University of California San Francisco

Randy Daron was appointed last summer as the first Ombuds for the UCSF. In a profile by the campus news center, Daron explains how he oversaw the evolution of UCSF’s Work~Life Resource Center into an Ombuds Office. As acting director of the Work~Life Resource Center, Daron provided a range of problem-solving services, including mediation, problem resolution and trainings and presentations on a variety of workplace topics, such as effective communication, emotional intelligence and conflict management. 

UCSF's Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, Sally Marshall, explained why Daron was selected for the post. “Daron’s academic training as a clinical psychologist, his work experience in the WLRC, his knowledge of the complexities and culture of UCSF, coupled with his personal standards related to ethics, confidentiality and neutrality all contributed to his appointment.” The article also notes that Daron has completed IOA training. (UCSF News.) 

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