September 19, 2012

IOA Course Focuses on Organizational Change and Conflict

The International Ombudsman Association has added a program to the trainings being offered in Baltimore next month.  A one-day course, "Organizational Change and Conflict: Challenges and Opportunities for the Ombudsperson" will be offered on Thursday, October 18, 2012.

Here's a short description:

This course is designed to analyze and discuss how organizational ombudspersons can add value in helping to address the inevitable conflict associated with organizational change processes in the context of today’s fast-paced and ever-changing workplace. Whether offering conflict coaching, informal mediation or upward feedback to organizational leaders, ombudspersons are in a strategic position to help organizations and their members negotiate challenging waters. Specifically, time will be spent discussing the importance of understanding and anticipating the dynamics of organizational change and organizational values, as well as the role leaders, mid-level managers and employees can play in helping to minimize the negative impact of inevitable conflict and actually recognize and leverage the opportunities that so often exist.
This course will use a combination of presentation/lecture and small group work. Case studies will be used for participants to analyze, discuss and present to the large group for feedback.
The instructor will be Tom Ward, Ombudsman for Staff at Clemson University and Co-Chair of the IOA Communications Committee. (IOA Fall 2012 Training Info.)

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