September 25, 2012

McMaster University Hires New Ombuds

The MSU-University Ombuds Advisory Committee has announced that Kileen Dagg Centurione will be a part-time Ombuds starting October 15. She will be working alongside Carolyn Brendon in a job share position.  Although the recent job posting was for a temporary position, it appears from the announcement that Dagg Centurione is a permanent appointment.

Dagg Centurione graduated from from the University of Guelph, earned an LLB from the University of Windsor, and an LLM in Alternative Dispute Resolution from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School.  Most recently, she worked at ADR Chambers as a mediator and mediation advocacy trainer.  She co-founded three ADR programs: the Canadian National Mediation Advocacy Competition (CNMAC); the International Competition for Mediation Advocacy (ICMA); and the Advanced Mediation Advocacy Forum (AMAF).  (McMaster Student Union News; ADR Chambers Bio.)

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  1. Underscores the tendency to view lawyers, who are trained to be adversarial, as effective neutrals. While this person is well qualified and no doubt a good choice, there still exists a bias that lawyers can do everything. Most often as one of Canada's well known CM says, "we are recovering lawyers". IS this a trend in hiring Ombuds as NIU hired a lawyer?