September 07, 2012

University of Minnesota Ombuds Reports Success in Work Against Academic Incivility

In 2007, a survey of U of M graduate and professional found that 19% had encountered academic harassment, an offensive and hostile environment.  Moreover, students said they did not know where or whom to turn to. In response, U of M Ombudsman Jan Morse helped start the Graduate and Professional Advising and Mentoring Initiative.

“The response has been very strong and positive,” said Morse, who also serves as director of the U of M Student Conflict Resolution Center.  Morse said after receiving the data, she and faculty at the Center started identifying best practices of “improving advising and mentoring from a departmental perspective.” A work group was created of staff, faculty and graduate students in order to help the progress of the initiative.  Morse now reports that a follow-up survey found that only about 17% of graduate students were being harassed.  (Minnesota Daily; U of M Student Conflict Resolution Center.)

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