January 08, 2010

New Book Details How Classical Ombuds Handle Investigations

Gareth Jones is the author of a recent guide to investigations based on his experience as the Director of the Special Ombudsman Response Team for the Ontario Ombudsman's Office. Conducting Administrative, Oversight & Ombudsman Investigations illustrates principles of excellent investigation in a range of settings. Mike Reddy reviewed the book for the British and Irish Ombudsman Association's newsletter last month and said, "this book is an excellent practical guide to investigatory processes and makes a first rate training tool." (Canada Law Book; BIOA "Ombudsman" Review, reprinted with permission.)

N.B. Although Organizational Ombuds eschew formal investigations, they share the same objective of surfacing systemic issues. Moreover, this book is one of the few that offers an insight into the workings of any kind of Ombuds office.

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