April 29, 2020

Greater Chicago Midwest HERC Webinar: Diversity and the Ombuds

Tomorrow, April 30, 2020, the Greater Chicago Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium will present a webinar on, "Diversity and Inclusion, Retention and the Role of the Ombudsperson." The webinar is free and runs from 9:30-11:00 am CDT. The panelists are: Celina Flowers, the Assistant Provost for Faculty at Northwestern University; Craig Mousin, the University Ombudsperson at DePaul; Michelé E. Smith Associate Provost for Curriculum at Harper College; and Claudia Mercado, the Interim Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Harper College. 

Here's the full description:
Diversity and Inclusion, Retention and the Role of an Ombudsperson
As more institutions come into the realm of developing respectful behavior among their employees, many are adding on the position of an Ombudsperson to offer individuals an outlet for concerns and to facilitate conflict resolution. As these institutions adapt this role into their staff, many are working toward finding the best fit for how this position serves the institution’s population in between the roles of Human Resources, Office of Diversity, and other departments already in place.
Our panel will cover the following topics: The process of implementing the role of an Ombudsperson, and the challenges and triumphs met with this new role. Illustrating the needs of employees met with this role in place. Additionally, how conflicts of diversity, equity, and inclusion are resolved. 
Members who have or do not have an Ombudsperson established in their institution will benefit from this discussion as we contemplate the challenges and solutions for creating a workplace that allows its employees to work in a positive and nurturing environment, promoting inclusivity and decreasing turnover.
(GCM HERC Event Info.)

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