April 22, 2020

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Publishes Ombuds Service Protocols

This week the OFCCP published protocols that formalize and clarify the role of the agency's new Ombudsman, Marcus Stergio, who was appointed in August 2019. The protocols make it clear that the Ombuds office will practice to IOA standards, and not become another OFCCP enforcement mechanism. (The office ensures that Federal contractors comply with the nondiscrimination laws and regulations has requiring nondiscrimination.)

Industry experts are encouraged by the protocols. The National Law Review said:
Under the Protocol, we believe the Ombuds Service promises to be a useful resource for contractors not only for resolving conflict, but also for better understanding OFCCP processes and procedures that the Agency may previously have been reluctant to share with contractors.
(OFCCP Ombuds Service Protocol; National Law Review.)

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