April 20, 2020

Train at Home with IOA Webinars

The International Ombudsman Association will host five online training sessions between May and November 2020. IOA webinars offer the latest information on a range of topics relevant to Ombuds without the need to travel. The hour and a half webinars provide CO-OP credit and are free for IOA members (just $195 for non-members). 

Here are the details.

May 14, 2020
Solve Harassment, Bullying, & Aggression at Work: A Few Case Studies
Harassment, bullying, aggression and other bad behaviors occur when the culture facilitates the opportunity for them to occur. Further, these issues are rarely just about a perpetrator and target - more often they are an organizational problem. Organizations who know that often turn to training to educate the masses, but if the organization doesn't support behavior change the training is essentially moot. Join Catherine Mattice Zundel as she provides insight into these behaviors and shares some case studies from her over 10 years of experience working as a consultant who specializes in solving toxic workplace behaviors.
June 11, 2020
Establishing Trust in Groups: Lencioni and Google Models in Practice
The purpose of this session is to discuss how to apply two models of trust so ombuds can work more effectively with groups, both to prevent as well as after the impact of an escalated conflict. Participants will review Patrick Lencioni’s team model as well as Google’s Project Aristotle results and explore case studies where the lessons from these models have been used to address group issues. The goal of this trust-building work is to create psychologically safe workplaces and have more effective teams. Participants will identify how to assess and match specific activities to group situations and discuss the application of these models in their organizations. As a result of this session, participants will add group work tools and will understand when, what, how, and who to include in a group process. Presented by Rita Callahan, CO-OP.
August 13, 2020
Online Dispute Resolution and the Implications & Opportunities for Ombuds
Hear Bruce Edwards, a professional mediator since 1986, talks about the future of dispute resolution, including opportunities for online dispute resolution (ODR), and the opportunities and lessons for Ombuds, in the United States and beyond.
September 10, 2020
Storm Warnings: Avoiding Office Closure
Join this conversation on what an Ombuds Program can do to minimize the risk of an Ombuds Program being terminated. We’ll explore warning signals indicating the Ombuds Program might be at risk, how to “sell” and influence decision-makers on the continuing value of an Ombuds Program and how you can ultimately be the most prepared to navigate through the unexpected storms that your Ombuds Program might encounter. Presented by Mauricio (Reese) Ramos, Director of the University Ombuds Office Virginia Tech; Bruce J. MacAllister, Ombudsman, International Foundation for Online Responsibility; and Melanie Jagneaux, Ombudsman Director, Baylor College of Medicine.
November 12, 2020
The Ombud Support Role: Supporting the Administrative Role in the Ombud's Office
This webinar will provide Ombud’s support staff with a better understanding of the standards of practice (IOA) and how these principles impact how each support person performs their role. In addition, the session will provide insight into best practices for working with visitors, formal channels, managing the office and building awareness of the Ombud’s Program in a variety of organizations. Presented by Wendy Friede.
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