February 12, 2021

Committee Recommends Texas State University Create Staff Ombuds Program

A staff subcommittee at Texas State says the public university in San Marcos, which has a Faculty Ombudsman and a Student Ombudsperson, also should have an Ombuds for staff. The Salary Setting Review Subcommittee reviewed the existing Ombuds programs at Texas State and discovered there is not a Ombuds who works neutrally and independently to help mediate issues for staff salary and other issues. A subcommittee representative said, "We thought maybe it might be a good start for us to try and have somebody create a staff ombudsperson role to help assist people deal with not only salary discussions, but just any concerns that they may have, without necessarily having to go to employee relations." At Texas State, Vince Luizzi, Professor of Philosophy, is serving a three-year term as the Faculty Ombuds (and seems to follow IOA standards) and the Dean of Students Office serves as the Student Ombuds (which definitely does not). (University Star; Faculty Ombuds; Student Ombuds.)

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