February 17, 2021

Job Re-Posting: Atlanta Public Schools

The public school system in Georgia with 55,000 students has reopened its search for an Ombuds Program Manager. The position serves as, "an independent, confidential resource [for] students, families, employees and community members by providing formal and informal support in seeking to resolve concerns, problems, complaints, and other student and employee related issues." The Ombuds supervises a Policy Specialist and Community Specialist and reports to the Chief Equity and Social Justice Officer. 

The requirements have not changed since the original posting in December 2020. Applicants must have a Master's degree in education, psychology, sociology, conflict resolution, social work, school counseling, human resources, public administration, or related field; Georgia Professional Standards Commission license at level 5; and at least eight of experience in education, conflict resolution, customer service, public administration, or related field; inclusive of five (5) years in a K-12 education setting working directly with families and/or community members. The new posting indicates a salary range of $93,245-$127,866 per year. Applications are due by March 5, 2021. (APS Posting.)

APS had an Ombuds program from 2014 through 2017 and there is little public information about why the program was dormant or has been revived. 


  1. The posting does not indicate, as it did last time, that the job is at-will. If it still is, this would be even a worse situation than down at Ole Miss

    1. I think most of the jobs I post are at-will. That doesn't necessarily mean it would be worse than Ole Miss.