February 01, 2021

William & Mary Restructures Ombuds Office

The public university in Williamsburg, Virginia has given up its search for an Ombudsperson. On Friday, the College announced, “Instead of a single ombudsperson, W&M has appointed Professors Rebecca Green and Charles Gressard, as well as Assistant Director for Residence Life Shylan Scott to its ombuds team. Starting Feb. 15, they will serve in their new roles as collateral duty assignments.”

From 2017 to 2019, the Mark Patterson was W&M's full-time Ombuds. Tatia Granger returned on a part-time interim basis while William & Mary conducted a search, initially for a full-time Ombuds. The search was downgraded to a part-time position for current or former faculty or staff and then abandoned last year.

“Advancing equity and wellness for faculty and staff is one of the goals I committed William & Mary to under pandemic. Building a team of ombuds professionals at William & Mary is an important step toward these goals,” said W&M President (and daughter of Mary Rowe) Katherine A. Rowe. (W&M News.)

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