February 15, 2021

IOA Posts Details of 2021 Virtual Conference

The International Ombudsman Association has announced the agenda for its 16th annual conference. "Bridging the Distance: Paving the Way for Equity and Justice" (#IOA2021). The conference will offer a fully virtual program over three days, March 22-24, 2021. Registration is now open and a discount is available until the early bird deadline on February 22, 2021.

Here are the highlights:

Day 1: Bridging the Distance
Monday, 22 March 2021

Bridges Networking Event

Opening Remarks

Keynote Address, Dylan Marron, Digital Creator

Bridging the Distance Across the Profession

Cocktail & Mocktail Hour

Day 2: Paving the Way for Equity
Tuesday, 23 March 2021

International Sector Meeting 1

Keynote Address, Donna Hicks, PhD, Internationally Renowned Authority on Dignity

Concurrent Sessions: Block A
A1: Networking with Your Ombuddys During Strange and Isolating Times, Don Greenstein, Ombuds Director, Brandeis University; Chinyere Ukabiala, CO-OP, Ombudsperson, Grinell College
A2: Cultural Humility in Practice: Challenges and Opportunities for Organizational Ombuds, Elisa Enriquez, Senior Associate Ombuds, Los Alamos National Laboratory
A3: Finding Equity & Justice During Conflict in a Diverse Organization, S. Michael Hare, Ph.D., Chaplain/Ombudsman, Compassion International
A4: Coping on the Fly: A Series of Discussions Dealing with Workplace Stress during a Pandemic, Donna Edmondson, University Ombuds, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill, Professor, Department of Psychology, The University of Texas at San Antonio
A5: Built to Last: Creating Robust and Durable Ombuds Programs, David Michael, Senior Program Advisor, National Institutes of Health; Ellen Goldstein, Director & Ombuds, University of California, San Francisco; Ronnie Thomson, Independent Consultant
Concurrent Sessions: Block B
B1: What Would a New Ombuds Do? Navigating Ethical Principle Dilemmas, Shreya Trivedi, University Ombuds Officer, University of Central Florida; Melissa Connell, Director of Ombuds Office, University of Colorado Denver; Lynne Chaillatt, EMEA Ombud, McKinsey & Company Inc France; David E. Michael, Senior Program Advisor, National Institutes of Health
B2: Supervision for Ombuds: Growing the Profession Through Supportive, Ethical, and Reflective Practice, Fred Wright, Workplace Conciliator, Ombuds; Dr. David Miller, Self-Employed
B3: The Importance of History: Equity, Justice, and the Origins of the Ombuds Role, Ryan Smith, Assistant University Ombudsperson, Michigan State University; Shannon Burton, University Ombudsperson, Michigan State University
B4: Transformative Dialogue: Party-Driven Conversations Across Differences, Kristine Paranica, Ombuds, North Dakota State University; Judith Saul, Self-Employed
B5: Paving the Way to Equity of Access: Harnessing the Power of Consumer Complaint Theory as an Ombuds, Jennifer Mahony, Associate Ombudsman, National Institutes of Health
Professional Sector Meetings

IOA Presentation to be Determined

International Sector Meeting 2

Day 3: Paving the Way for Justice
Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Concurrent Session: Block C
C1: Drawing Out Ombuds Value and Impact for Silicon Valley’s Safety Net Populations, Joshua Berkowitz, Program Manager II, County of Santa Clara, Office of Mediation and Ombuds Services; Mike Rozinsky, Founder & Principal, RZNSKY LLC; Brohne Lawhorne, Manager, County of Santa Clara, Office of Mediation and Ombuds Services; Katja De Groot, Program Manager II, County of Santa Clara, Office of Mediation and Ombuds Services; Teresa Ralicki, Ombuds, University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus
C2: Something Wicked This Way Comes: Corrupt Leadership, the Ombuds, and the Tragedy of MacBeth, David Rasch, Associate Ombuds, UC Santa Barbara
C3: Making the Ombuds Office Accessible with Data Visualization: What Data to Collect, How to Analyze, How to Visualize, How to Create Ombuds Service Data Dashboards, and Engaging in a Data Showcase, Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, University Ombudsperson, University of Tennessee
C4: The Usual Suspects: conflict resolution concepts, ideas and tools that you routinely share with visitors, Roy Baroff, Faculty & Staff Ombuds, NC State University; Amanda Dean, Ombuds for Faculty and Staff, Austin Community College District; Dawn Osborne-Adams, University Ombuds and Director, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; D. A. Graham, Ombuds, The University of Kansas
C5: How the Ombuds field can expand its reach and impact in Africa, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Team Lead / Certified Conflict Resolution Consultant, First Conflict Resolution Services Inc.
Concurrent Sessions: Block D
D1: Solve Harassment, Bullying, & Aggression at Work: A Few Case Studies, Catherine Mattice Zundel, CEO/Founder, Civility Partners
D2: Reimaging the Annual Report, Wayne Blair, Ombudsperson, Asian Development Bank
D3: Demonstrating Visible Impact of the Ombuds Office in Times of Transition, Sana Manjeshwar, Global Principal Ombuds Manager, Chevron; Diana Wu, Ombuds Analyst, Chevron; Janet Vantriet, Ombuds Manager, Chevron; Alyssa Robbins, Ombuds Manager, Chevron; Takis Bogdanos, Ombuds Manager, Chevron; Fatima Haidour, Ombuds Manager, Chevron
D4: Ethical Ombudsing: Practicing with Purpose, Linda Brothers, Senior Associate Ombudsman, NIH
D5: Skills for Bridging the Divide, William Doherty, Co-Founder, Braver Angels
Keynote Address, Lisa Arora, Expert Visual Facilitator

20/21 Storytelling Event - (fka Pecha Kucha)

Closing Ceremony

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