February 01, 2021

Job Posting: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

The polytechnic institute in Calgary, Alberta is hiring its first Ombudsperson. The new position will "provide impartial and confidential conflict and issue resolution services to all members of the SAIT campus community," a population of nearly 15,000. The SAIT Ombuds will reports to the Vice President of External Relations and receive advice and direction from the Ombudsperson Leadership Committee, which includes student representatives. 

Applicants must have a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree, and three years of related experience in conflict resolution. Preferred qualifications include completion of a recognized program in mediation, conflict resolution, or a related subject, and a law degree or quasi-legal training, particularly related to issues of procedural fairness and natural justice. Applications are due by February 20, 2021. Na salary indicated. (SAIT Careers.)

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