February 22, 2021

Twitter Becomes First Social Media Platform With an Ombuds

Dina Eisenberg has been hired as Twitter's Senior Director of Ombuds Services. She will develop and launch an Ombuds program for the company's 5,000 employees and become the first Ombuds for any social media platform. Eisenberg brings over two decades of Ombuds experience to the position, most recently as the Ombuds for Staff at Iowa State University.

In addition to her latest work at ISU, she has also served as an Ombuds for Bank of America, the Boston Law Collaborative, Berklee College of Music, and as a private consultant. Eisenberg graduated Hofstra University and earned her JD at Suffolk University Law School. (LinkedIn.)

Updated 2/24/21: Eisenberg is based in New York, not Oakland as initially reported.


  1. Congratulations, Dina!

  2. wondering if the ombuds office is still alive at Twitter amidst the chaos

  3. Musk does not seem like the kind of person who wants contrary information being surfaced.