July 26, 2021

California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation Creates Ombuds Office

In June, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation created the Office of the Ombuds for internal and external stakeholders. The new DFPI Ombuds serves "as an independent, impartial, and confidential resource to ensure complaints about DFPI staff or actions receive full and impartial review." Although informality is not listed as a primary ethical standard for the office, the DFPI Ombuds does not participate in formal investigations or any formal resolution process, or make binding decisions or mandate policies. 

Brian Gould is the first Ombuds and has been standing up the office in Sacramento. According to a news report, Gould "has a record in strategic planning and launching new programs within state government, most recently working at CalSavers in the Office of State Treasurer, where he worked with stakeholders from across the state to institute the program." (DFPI Ombuds; DFFPI Monthly Bulletin.)

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