July 14, 2021

Independent Forum to Discuss Proposed IOA Bylaws

Later today, Teresa Ralicki, CO-OP, an Ombuds at the University of Colorado Denver, will host an independent forum for IOA members to discuss the proposed changes to the association's bylaws. Her full announcement follows [links to IOA members-only content omitted]:

Calling all IOA Members!

Confused about IOA’s proposed bylaws changes? Not sure why people are concerned - or not - about their implications for the Standards of Practice? Feel like a lot of context may be missing?

You are not alone.

I'm hosting an informal discussion this Wednesday, July 14 at 5pm EST/ 2pm PT, via Zoom to provide an opportunity for us all to hear multiple perspectives, pose questions, and make sense together of these proposed changes and their potential effects. We will be focusing specifically on the changes to Article IV, Sections B, C, & D [Board Eligibility].

I have asked a few folks who I know to hold different perspectives to start the conversation. We will then open it up to others who may want to share their experiences or ask questions of others.

This is NOT an IOA affiliated event. This is also not a debate! It is a casual gathering for those, like me, who are eager to better understand the situation. We will not attempt to find consensus or come to any conclusion. The only goal is for IOA members to get more information and context before going into the IOA meeting this Thursday.

If you join us, please come with:
  • Your curiosity
  • Any personal experiences you may want to share for context
  • Having reviewed the documents provided by the IOA Board of Directors on the Bylaws Changes proposal
  • Having reviewed posts and comments on The Ombuds Blog (public), The IOA's blog The Independent Voice (public), and the IOA Member Center Discussion Circles (members only).

Can’t attend live? Not to worry! Send me your questions in advance at: Teresa.Ralicki@ucdenver.edu. A recording will be available in this Google Drive folder shortly after the event.

Finally, why am I organizing this? Well, the conversation so far seems to be happening across many platforms--some public, some private, some personal. It feels to me like we're missing each other. I want to create space for a real-time dialogue that - hopefully - lets all of us get equal exposure to various points of view before the call to vote this Thursday the 15th.

Teresa Ralicki, MA
Ombuds, Ombuds Office
Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner

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