July 20, 2021

Job Posting: All Hands and Hearts

The fast-growing American non-profit that provides disaster relief is seeking an Organizational Ombuds. The part-time, on-call, remote position "facilitates the informal resolution of concerns of employees, managers, volunteers, board members and, sometimes, external clients of the organization." The All Hands and Hearts Ombuds is expected to practice to IOA standards. 

Applicants should have at least one year of Ombuds experience and have completed conflict resolution training within the last three years, including mediation training. No salary indicated. Application are due by August 13, 2021. (LinkedIn.)


  1. Are you aware of the allegations against All Hands and Hearts? You should know a staff member raped a volunteer and the organization covered it up. The family sent out a statement painful to read. Another volunteer on a different project was also raped and the organization didn’t help her either. Both rapes were reported to police. The Texas lady has a pending criminal trial. The organization has attempted to cover up these incidents by deleting comments on their social media page and hiding from the public. This is in addition to multiple injuries including one where a lady had her leg amputated and was not helped by the organization while volunteers were sent to work in unsafe conditions with asbestos.

    1. Thanks for this perspective. I will generalize a bit and say that the reason organizations create Ombuds programs is to help address systemic problems. (I can't say with certainty why this particular organization is hiring its first Ombuds.) Ombuds are well aware of this and embrace the challenge. We are involved in the worst situations at our organizations on a daily basis. For many employees, these revelations would be a deterrent, for Ombuds they are not.

    2. Thank you for your reply. We are aware of how an ombudsmen is supposed to work. This is not their first ombudsman. They had an ombudsmen who was also a board member and not neutral. The ombudsmen acted for the good of the organization not the volunteers. There were never any systematic changes made just coverups. The person wasn’t neutral. They are supposed to advocate for fairness but played booth roles to help the organization. We are aware of what role they should play but this organization instead used it in a way which not only failed volunteers but covered up problems versus solving them. They only now set out to hire another one because volunteers protested and made everyone aware of what was happening. A year after it was brought up to their management team. Horrible organization.