July 06, 2021

Job Posting (RFP): Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind

The state agency that operates three center schools and five regional cooperatives for its first Ombudsman. The independent contractor will "serve as an advocate for fairness, source of support and information and acts as liaisons between conflicting parties." The ASDB Ombuds will primarily serve the agency's employees. According to the posting on the IOA Job Board the position has some non-neutral responsibilities.
  • As an ombudsman, you will interview the parties involved in the dispute and investigate their claims. Using mediation techniques, working to help them understand each other's perspectives and reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. 
  • Prepare written documentation for the parties to sign. 
  • The ombudsman is responsible in mediation between 2 parties and acts as intermediaries. Listen for compliant; participate in doing investigations and resolutions of their complaints, constituent education and information about the rights, provide consultations in a manner wherein confidentiality is preserved, and recommends appropriate strategies in order to resolve any conflicts between parties involved. 
  • Specific duties may include investigating, resolving complaints, listening to grievances, education constituents regarding their rights, providing consultations in a confidential way and offering support, solutions and alternatives in order to resolve conflicts. 
  • Researching and writing reports according to grievances, identifying problem and pattern areas and providing recommendations in order to manage certain areas that require improvement.


  1. Though posted on the job board, it seems this job falls outside of IOA's professional ethical standards.

    1. I agree (and hence the tag "Outside the Standards"). I hope ASDB already realizes IOA's relevance and moves to the prevailing standards. Perhaps proposals from potential Ombuds will reinforce this message.