July 06, 2021

IOA Training for Creating an Ombuds Office

The International Ombudsman Association's online training program, "The Nuts & Bolts of Setting Up an Ombuds Office," returns on November 9 and 11, 2021 The five-hour course is designed to complement IOA's "Foundations" course and will help new Ombuds who are setting up a new office. The course has increased from four hours when it was initially offered in 2020.
Course Description
This course will introduce new ombuds to the fundamentals of setting up a successful organizational ombuds office. Participants will be provided with a cursory review of IOA’s Standards of Practice, as well as the competencies required to effectively practice. Other topics include appropriate procedures for establishing charters, developing proper intake processes, managing data, and constructing a Standard Operating Procedure Manual. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to create a marketing and outreach strategy with instructor oversight.  

This may be taken as a standalone course and serves as a complement to IOA’s Foundations Course as well. 

Note: This course is not intended for individuals that are not responsible for creating a new office.  

Participants will:
  • Understand role expectations and required competencies 
  • Apply IOA’s ethical principles and standards throughout office development 
  • Identify intake processes
  • Establish appropriate processes for building Charters 
  • Understand data management protocol 
  • Consider logistical requirements 
  • Develop an outreach and marketing strategy 
  • Establish resources and build a personalized and comprehensive training map 

The instructors will be Susan Casino, a coach and Ombuds consultant with the UN World Food Programme, Don Greenstein, University Ombuds at Brandeis University, and Jennifer Smith Schneider, Student Ombuds at the University of South Florida. The course costs $500 for IOA members ($700 for non-members) and is capped at 30 participants. (IOA Webinar Info.)

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