July 08, 2021

Ombuds Will Restart Program at Sandia National Labs

Ronnie Thompson has been selected as the Corporate Ombudsman for the federal nuclear lab in New Mexico. She will restart an Ombuds program that was shuttered in 2018 shortly after Honeywell International took over management of the lab. Thompson was an Ombuds at Halliburton from 2013 to 2020, when that program was shut down. At Sandia, she will set up and manage a program following IOA standards and report to the Executive Chief of Staff. Thompson is in her second term on the IOA Board of Directors.

Thompson brings over three decades of experience in the energy and health care sectors. In addition to HR and patient experience management, she was also the Organizational Ombuds Manager for Dresser, Inc. for a decade. Thompson is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi. (LinkedIn.)

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