August 12, 2021

ENOHE and ACCUO Open Registration for 2021 Virtual Conference

Details are now available for the joint conference of the European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education the Association of Canadian College and University Ombuds. "Looking Forward: The Role of the Ombuds in the Post-Covid Recovery" will take place online September 21 and 22. Here is the program:

September 21

ENOHE President, Josef Leidenfrost; ENOHE Vice-President Jean Grier; and ACCUO President Natalie Sharpe

Higher Education Ombuds and the Bottom Line: How Much is an Ombuds Worth?
Natalie Sharpe, Carolyn Brendon, and Jean Grier

Concurrent Sessions
  • The dilemma of international students in a pandemic context
    Paulo Peixoto, Joana Almeida, and Dominik Drexel
  • A glimpse into the post-COVID crystal ball: How can Ombuds Offices use predictions for the future of higher education to highlight their value to academic institutions?
    Heather McGhee Peggs
Concurrent Sessions
  • The ‘Coronavirus Generation’ and the need to improve the world of online higher education
    Doris Kiendl, Felicity Mitchell, and Mirjam Meindl
  • What is our work as Ombuds about? – two experiences
    Wolf Hertlein and Jorge António Ribeiro Pereira
Closing Notes
Josef Leidenfrost and Jean Grier

September 22

Governance and Ombuds Offices in Europe
Josef Leidenfrost

Concurrent Sessions
  • Privacy and GDPR compliance in a Social Media age
    Jean Grier, Guadalupe Barrena, Ryan Smith, and Martine Conway
  • How to be influencers in Higher Education #2
    Anna-Katharina Rothwangl and Michael Gruber
Concurrent Sessions
  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic changed our work at the Ombuds’s Office?
    Emilio Olías, Jose Antonio Gonzales De la Peña, and Jorge António Ribeiro Pereira
  • Ombuds and …: positives and pitfalls of adding tools to the Ombuds toolbox
    Jenna Brown, Thomas Brown, and Ryan T. Smith
Concurrent Sessions
  • Roma Constantinopolim et Claudiopolim retroque (From Rome to Istanbul and Babes-Bolyai and back)
    Gizem Güray, Dégi László Csaba, and Josef Leidenfrost
  • Managing the fall out
    Felicity Mitchell
    - and -
    What a difference a year and a half has made ……. or has it?
    Karen Stulka
Closing Plenary Q&A
Josef Leidenfrost, Jean Grier, and Natalie Sharpe

(ENOHE 2021 Conf Info.)

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