August 27, 2021

New Ombuds Will Restart Office at Wright State University

Greg Scharer, WSU's current Executive Director of Alumni Relations, has been selected the new Ombudsperson for the public research university near Dayton. He will restart a program that has been paused since the retirement of the founding Ombuds, Hazel Rountree, three years ago. As the Ombuds, Scharer will serve over 20,0000 faculty, staff, and students following IOA standards. He will continue to oversee the university's alumni relations program.

Scharer has worked at Wright State since 2001. Prior to that, he had a career as a social worker and mental health care administrator. He graduated from Ohio University and earned an MSW from University of Maryland. He is also a trained mediator. (Wright State Newsroom; LinkedIn.)


  1. Good luck with that, Greg— a 20k population to serve AND a full time administrative role? I’m curious what service will look like.

  2. I did 32,000 at University of Calgary and NO Admin support