August 03, 2021

Job Posting: Montgomery County Public Schools

The Montgomery County Board of Education in the Washington, DC suburb is hiring its next Ombudsperson. This full-time position reports to the school board of Maryland's largest school district and serves parents, community members, 28,000 employees, and 160,000 students. the MCPS Ombuds "is considered an independent or neutral party who seeks to resolve school-related problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, especially for those for which a formal resolution process does not exist." 

Applicants must have a JD or Master's degree in law, communications, alternative dispute resolution, social work or psychology. ADR experience, work experience in a large public institution, and Spanish proficiency are preferred. The position pays $117,321-$149,842 per year and applications are due by August 19, 2021. (MCPS Careers via LinkedIn.)

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