April 13, 2022

IOA Virtual Course: Conflict Theory for Ombuds

International Ombuds Association has a new professional development offering, "Conflict: Theory and Applications for the Organizational Ombuds." The four-day, on-line course for newer Ombuds will be taught by Sue Theiss on June 21-24, 2022. Theiss has been the University Ombuds for Oregon State for the past decade and previously established the Ombuds program at the University of Arkansas and co-chaired the Ombuds program at the University of Arizona. The course is limited to 30 participants, who must have completed IOA's Foundations.

More details from IOA:
Course Description
This interactive course provides participants with a broader and deeper understanding of the full range of research and theory in human conflict, application of this fuller understanding of conflict in organizations, and practical applications for both working with specific disputes and helping to improve the organization’s systems and culture for addressing conflict.

General Goals of the Course

As a result of completing this course, participants should:
  1. Become familiar with seminal theories and research in conflict management in the fields of sociology, psychology, communication, organizational management, and dispute resolution.
  2. Gain insight into how concepts from all these fields can come together to inform the work of the ombudsperson
  3. Acquire specific new conceptual tools for facilitating dispute resolutions in the context of broader, sometimes counterproductive, conflict management systems and patterns in complex organizations.
  4. Generate ideas for how the ombuds might contribute to the development of optimal systems of organizational communication and conflict management, especially for achieving an optimal interface among the ombuds, human resources, legal, and executive offices.
The early-bird cost for the course is $1,200 for IOA members and $1,400 for non-members. (IOA Events.)

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