April 12, 2022

Job Posting: University of Rochester

The private research university in Upstate New York is hiring its first University Ombuds. "This newly created position ... will be the lead staff person responsible for the Office of the University Ombuds which will include having the lead responsibility for directing the University’s new Ombuds Affiliates Program and meeting the training needs of its assigned members." Rochester's Ombuds program has gone through a couple of iterations in the last few years. There have been Ombuds serving academic areas (including Arts, Sciences & Engineering, School of Medicine, and School of Dentistry) and, more recently, a Staff Ombuds, Col Raimond, and Faculty Ombuds, John Barker. It is unclear how the new position will relate to other Ombuds or who will comprise the new Ombuds Affiliates.

Applicants must have an advanced degree or advanced certificate and should have five years of relevant experience.Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner (CO-OP) is preferred. No salary or application deadline indicated. (Rochester Careers via ZipRecruiter.)

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  1. What a corrupt and racially divided city. Just add out of control state income taxes, property taxes to make your eyes water, and 8 months of winter. Other than that... lol.