April 15, 2022

NPR Piece on Workplace Conflict Cites Ombuds

On April 13, 2022, National Public Radio's Life Kit podcast offered some advice on "How to Tackle Workplace Conflict Head-On." The piece included some wisdom from an Ombuds and also recommended consulting an Ombuds.

Here's a snippet:
A shift in perspective about the problem can go a long way, says Abdul Omar, who works at the state of Hawaii's ombudsman office. An ombud is a workplace conflict mediator who is a neutral third party — people like Omar help us use our words. Unlike a human resources representative, ombuds are not bound by the same legal documenting requirements, but not all workplaces have ombuds.
"Perception is 100% of that conflict — the reason why you're in conflict is because you [have] different perceptions," says Omar. If you accept that starting point, you can focus on behaviors that are upsetting, not personality traits.
Abdul Omar was an Assistant Ombud with the City of Seattle from November 2019 until March 2022. (NPR Life Kit.)

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