April 22, 2022

Journal of IOA Article Unearths Roots of University Ombuds

The Journal of the International Ombuds Association has published original research by Ryan Smith, Michigan State University's Assistant Ombudsperson. Smith looked at the first-ever conferences focused on the work of university Ombuds over half a century ago. The profession envisioned at the time has evolved considerably.

Here is the abstract of the article:
In 1968 and again in 1969, practitioners and scholars of the ombuds concept in higher education gathered to discuss this new idea. From these gatherings, a conference proceeding was published called The Ombudsman in Higher Education: Advocate or Subversive Bureaucrat . These meetings were the first dedicated to the topic of ombuds in higher education, and the resulting conference proceedings provided the first comprehensive document dedicated to the role. This paper seeks to analyze these proceedings in orde r to better understand the theoretical foundations of contemporary ombuds practice and research. Additionally, this paper also examines early definitions and considerations of the ombuds role.
This is Smith's second article in the IOA journal. (JIOA.)

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