July 06, 2022

Job Posting (RFP): International Criminal Court

The intergovernmental organization and international tribunal in The Hague is seeking its first Ombudsperson. The consultant will assist the Court in developing the Court’s internal legal framework on informal dispute resolution by the end of 2022 and provide Ombuds services to elected officials (Judges, Prosecutors, and Registrars), staff members, and non-staff personnel. The program is expected to follow "generally accepted standards of practice for organizational ombudspersons and principles of justice and fairness." 

Applicants must have a relevant advanced university degree and extensive experience (preferably 10+ years) as a mediator or Ombuds with experience in employment relations resolution, informal conflict resolution, workplace coaching, and/or mediation and/or conciliation. Preferred qualifications include: professional certification or accreditation in mediation, conflict resolution, or similar fields; experience in setting up informal conflict resolution schemes; experience in an international, multicultural, public sector organization context; and experience in internal outreach/training for large-scale, multicultural audience. Proficiency in one of the working languages of the Court, English or French, is required. Working knowledge of the other is highly desirable. Compensation is capped at maximum of €1,200 per full day of services at an average of 10 days per month. Proposals are due July 29, 2022. (ICC Posting.)

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