July 22, 2022

IOA Selects Next Ombuds

Breanne Taylor has been appointed the next Ombuds for professional association for Organizational Ombuds. She succeeds succeed Elaine Shaw, CO-OP, who established the role in 2020, and will serve an initial one-year term. Taylor continues as the Associate Ombuds at Oregon State University, where she has worked for the past decade. Prior to that she was the Ombudsperson for Competition Not Conflict, a local youth sports organization. Taylor earned her Master's in Conflict and Dispute Resolution at Oregon State. She has been an active volunteer with Cal Caucus and speaker at IOA conferences. (IOA Blog.)


  1. Congratulations Breanne! That’s awesome!

    Tom, Breanne actually attended University of Oregon, School of Law for her MS. (Same as myself) OSU does not have a CRES masters program at present.

  2. Emily Heizer-Kochman7/23/2022 10:11 PM

    Didn’t mean to leave that anonymously!

  3. Rachel Nicholson7/25/2022 8:43 AM

    Yay CRES- Go Ducks! Congrats Breanne!