May 11, 2011

Idaho State University Shutters Ombuds Office Indefinitely

Earlier this week, ISU Faculty Ombudsman John Gribas, sent out an email stating that the university was suspended until new senate constitution and bylaws are enacted. A statement on the ISU Ombuds website explains that, "no ombuds office services will be available to ISU faculty during the summer 2011 session or through the 2011-2012 academic year."

According to an article in Inside Higher Ed, Gribas also said in his email, "It seems to me that this upcoming year will be one of continued transition and uncertainty, a time in which an ombudsperson’s assistance would be greatly desired. Therefore, until a Faculty Ombuds Office is reestablished and staffed, I encourage us all to look for ways to provide professional, supportive, and confidential assistance to our fellow colleagues in need." Earlier this year, Gribas helped oversee a faculty no-confidence vote on University President Arthur Vailas. Subsequently and at the request of Vailas, the Idaho State Board of Education disbanded the ISU faculty senate. (Inside Higher Ed; ISU Faculty Ombuds; Wikipedia.)

Update 6/7/11: Looks like the Ombuds Office was restored after a few days of closure.  (The Moral Liberal.)


  1. "the university was suspended"?

    wow, the potato state is harsh.

  2. Typo now fixed, but not before going out in email update. Drat.