May 03, 2011

Concordia University Ombuds Office Posts Report for 2009-10

In an annual report submitted to the University's Board of Governors, Kristen Robillard said that her office handled 531 cases in the last academic year. Cases from students totaled 419 -- reflecting a usage rate of 1.0% of all enrolled students. In breaking down the visitor statistics, Robillard noted when usage by a particular group was proportional to their share of the population.

In addition to serving as Concordia's Ombudsperson, Robillard is president of the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons. The Assistant Ombudsperson is Marie Berryman. (Concordia Ombuds 2009-10 Report.)


  1. She's a really great problem solver who helped me with a big problem I had. Confidential help that made a big difference.


  2. How can I find the Ombudsman for Concordia?

  3. At the top of this blog are tabs for various directories. The tab "Higher Ed" will take you to a list of college and university ombuds offices. There is a link there for Concordia.