May 19, 2011

IOA Adds Skills Course to Ombuds Training in Indianapolis, July 2011

IOA has updated information about a previously-announced specialized course and added another course to the professional development opportunities at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis on July 11-14, 2011.

The instructor for "Conflict Coaching for the Organizational Ombuds," on July 14 will be Melissa Brodrick, the Ombudsman for Harvard Medical School.
This highly interactive workshop will explore the theory and practice of conflict coaching for the organizational ombuds. As one of the most utilized services of many ombuds offices, what framework, skills and attitudes does an ombuds bring to this activity that best support visitors as they seek to manage their conflicts? Through short presentations, exercises, coached roleplays and discussions, participants will consider standard elements of an effective conflict coaching session. Additionally, participants will focus on three areas: 1) the self-awareness and self-care needed to remain effective for each coaching session, 2) the interpersonal skills needed to build trust, facilitate communication, identify issues and goals and explore options and 3) the ways in which conflict coaching can help visitors to effect broader change in their communities.
The newly-added course is "Interviewing Skills for Organizational Ombuds" on July 15, taught by Lee Twyman, the Ombudsperson at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and David S. Carver, the Student Ombudsperson at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
From the first moment of contact with a “visitor” to the last conversation, ombuds employ various interviewing skills: establishing a rapport, active listening, question formation, reflection of underlying emotions, problem clarification and prioritization, summarization, and other related skills. Participants will learn how to be more planful and effective in establishing and conducting interviews and other conversations with visitors as well as other stakeholders involved in the case. This interactive presentation will include theory and strategies from the fields of psychology, counseling, family therapy and special emphasis in “motivational interviewing”. Program includes lecture, case discussion, role-play and opportunities for peer feedback and discussion.
Priority registration closes May 27, 2011. (IOA Professional Development Info.)

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