May 23, 2011

Organization of News Ombudsmen Director Looks to the Future

Jeffrey Dvorkin, the Executive Director of ONO, takes stock of the organization at the conclusion of a successful annual conference in Montreal. He wonders how the value of Ombudsmen can be communicated more effectively to media management.
As with many professional association, ONO simply does not have, "the resources right now to launch a comprehensive survey with the credentials to prove its value." Fortunately, several academics are evaluating News Ombuds.

Dvorkin proposes that ONO open its membership to the public. Although non-Americans did not react enthusiastically, he points out that this model has worked for public radio in the US. After all, he says, "This is what news ombudsmen do best - relate and connect to the public. They do that from the confines of their own media organizations. Why not continue that from ONO's vantage point?" (Now the Details.)

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