July 06, 2017

Journal of IOA Moves to Piecemeal Publication Schedule

In a move designed to lessen the pressures associated with biannual publication deadlines, the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association will now publish articles, "as soon as revisions are complete."  The turn away from a "bound" journal format (after nine years) includes fresh pagination for each article.  The first two articles under the new format have been posted:
  • "Reflections on a Team Approach to an Ombuds Office," by Melanie Jagneaux, Bonnie Bonnivier, Josie Stiles, and Michael Mayer, all of Baker Hughes; and
  • "Personal Reflection: How the Ombuds Role Changes the Practitioner," by Jan Newcomb and Dawn Duque.
The full issue is available free and online.  (JIOA Home.) 

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