June 14, 2019

EU Handbook On Higher Ed Values Promotes Role of Ombuds

The Academic Refugee Project, a partnership funded by the European Union, has just published a new electronic handbook that aims to improve the outcomes for refugees and threatened academics through awareness and agreement on higher education values. The guide, "Promoting Core Higher Education Values," identifies core values; suggests ways to embed value statements; offers practices to engage refugees and at-risk scholars; and identifies mechanisms for implementing values. According to the authors, Ombuds are one of the primary instruments for universities to implement values.

Rob Behrens provides an excellent overview of university Ombuds worldwide and a history of the European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education. Marianne Rustberggard, gives her perspective as the Ombud for Students at the University of Oslo. The full e-handbook available in full. (Promoting Core Higher Education Values.)

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