February 13, 2020

Asian Development Bank Seeks Bids to Review Ombuds Office

The ADB is hiring a consultant to conduct an external review of the Office of the Ombudsperson, which was established in 2012 and currently headed by Wayne Blair. The review process is expected to take three months and be completed by May 6, 2020. Compensation for the project, including travel and other expenses, is about $60,000. Proposals are due February 24, 2020.

Here are more details:
Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The ombuds function was created in ADB in 2011 as an informal grievance procedure for ADB staff whereby an independent Ombudsperson will, through informal means, act as an impartial and confidential source of assistance in the resolution of staff complaints in the workplace. The Ombudsperson also provides advice and makes recommendations for the improvement of the overall working environment in ADB.
At the time of its establishment, it was envisaged that the ombuds function would be reviewed by the Budget, Personnel and Management Systems Department (BPMSD), in consultation with the Staff Council. BPMSD will initiate a review of the ADB’s Ombudsperson function and related policies in order to determine what, if any, changes are required to strengthen the function and to bring it in line with best practice, with a view to providing a report and recommendations to the President.
Scope of Work
The consultant will undertake the following:
(i) Review the Administrative Order No. 2.14 which provides the policy for the provision of an ombuds function for ADB staff.
(ii) Review the Annual Reports of the Office of the Ombudsperson and other relevant documents.
(iii) Benchmarking the structure, resources, functions and standards of practice of the ADB ombuds functions against international standards (e.g. the International Ombudsman Association) and best practices of other international organizations.
(iv) Obtaining feedback on the Ombudsperson’s functions, from the Office of the President of ADB who supervises the Ombudsperson, and with key stakeholders, including without limitation the Staff Council, staff of the Office of the Ombudsperson, the Vice Presidents, the Budget, Personnel and Management Systems Department, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity, the Office of the General Counsel, and focus groups consisting of members of the ADB community in headquarters and field offices.
(v) Making recommendations for changes to the ombuds function in ADB, including revisions to Administrative Order No. 2.14.
Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The consultant will produce the following deliverables:
a. A document benchmarking ADB’s ombuds function against international standards and best practices of international organizations.
b. A draft report providing an assessment of the ADB’s ombuds function, recommending changes to the ombuds function of ADB and Administrative Order No. 2.14 based on the review, benchmarking and consultations carried out by the consultant.
c. A final report recommending changes to the ombuds function and Administrative Order No. 2.14 after taking into account comments of ADB on the draft report.
Minimum Qualification Requirements

The consultant should possess at least ten years of relevant professional experience, including experience in workplace conflict resolution in public organizations and/or private practice, preferably as an Ombudsperson.
10 Years Minimum General Experience
10 Years Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment)
(ADB Ombuds Review Terms.)

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