February 25, 2020

Leipzig University Establishes Ombuds Office

Universität Leipzig in Saxony, Germany, one of the world's oldest universities, has appointed six experienced faculty members to serve as Ombudspersons for scholars. In this new role, the Ombuds will "deal with allegations and the self-reporting of academic misconduct." Each Ombuds is expected to serve a five-year term.

The Ombudspersons at Leipzig University are:
  • Professor Daniel Huster (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Professor Jürgen Krug (Faculty of Sport Science)
  • Professor Berthold Kersting (Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy)
  • Professor Johannes Lemke (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Professor Paul Anthony Stevenson (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Professor Ludwig Stockinger (Faculty of Philology)
More from the website:
The Office of Ombudspersons offers advice and support to scholars at Leipzig University in matters concerning good academic practice – and how academic dishonesty can undermine this. Each and every tangible suspicion will be investigated, regardless of the standing of the individual in question.
The Senate has appointed six experienced academics as ombudspersons to deal with allegations and the self-reporting of academic misconduct. The Office of Ombudspersons supports the ombudspersons from an administrative perspective. It accepts reports of suspected academic misconduct in confidence, and advises persons who report a suspicion or are involved in academic misconduct through no fault of their own. The Office forwards matters confidentially to the ombudsperson responsible in the individual case. It also offers consultations to discuss specific cases in the first instance without an official examination by an ombudsperson. You can also report suspected cases of academic misconduct anonymously to the Office of Ombudspersons.
The Senate appoints the ombudspersons for a term of five years. They are trustworthy contact persons who will investigate any tangible suspicion without regard to the standing of the individual involved.
(Universität Leipzig Ombuds.)

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