February 13, 2020

Ombuds to Address University Risk Managers

The Central Regional Conference of the University Risk Management and Insurance Association will feature a session about the role of campus Ombuds. Charles Howard, IOA Executive Director, Melanie Jagneaux, Ombudsman Director at Baylor College of Medicine and IOA Director, and Joan Waters, Ombuds Officer at Columbia University, are the speakers. The conference takes place May 18-19, 2020 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Here's the session description:
Do you have an ombuds program on your campus? If you do, how well is this program coordinated with your risk management office? If you do not, you and your university may be missing a tool that can help with risk management. This session will cover how an ombuds program works and how it can help risk managers identify and respond to systemic risk. Attendees will examine several real-life cases that illustrate how the ombuds and risk management programs can benefit by working together.
  • Gain a clear idea about what an ombuds program is and does
  • Understand how risk managers can benefit from working more closely with their organization’s ombuds program
(URMIA Central Conf Info.)

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